Very easy to install and setup ready for use. Excellent scores too from the new version of Sandra. If you want to take a look at what makes up the P4 and it’s Netburst architecture, take a look here. It’s removable allowing for installation of a replacement sink that uses the same clip design. Reviews News Blogs Shop. The two IDE ports are vertical and flush with the far right edge in the top half of the board.

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Asus p4t e run on the MSI took 45 seconds as opposed to 47 seconds here. The new version does prefetching and buffering on the data used to get the resulting benchmark numbers hence the new, higher scale.

The first wave asus p4t e product from various major manufacturers is beginning to hit the streets. So with this Asus board we have yet another i solution from a top manufacturer.

Intel 850 Motherboard Roundup: September 2001

The P4T-E is a completely jumper free motherboard if you choose. The P3 binary runs on all current CPU’s without any problems and the P4 binary will only run on asus p4t e P4 since it uses specific P4 instructions.

First up the P3 binary. Since the onboard sound is AC’97 and asks uses the Asus p4t e for it’s processing, rather than dedicated hardware, this is to be expected. This is the first p44t bench over we’ve had in a review system at Hexus and out of the box with no tweaks on a GeForce3 is impressive, especially on Windows Asus p4t e.

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Here we see the Mhz FSB having a proper ;4t on the scores. Next up, we have Povray. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. I prefer the clip on the Igloo to the Intel one so the GlacialTech was used.


Could this be an add on feature to come? Board Layout Board layout is fairly standard with nothing out of place. A Asus p4t e Built For Business. Both modes give you control over the FSB speed and multiplier ratio.

Asus P4T Pentium 4 i850 Motherboard

Almost all AMD boards I’ve had the pleasure to have used the 6-hole mount and have been thinner, both the i’s I’ve seen have used all the available ATX asus p4t e. We can attribute the bulk of this to xsus new drivers. Asus p4t e increase in CPU speed corresponds to a quicker render time for a given scene in Povray.

Maybe a new driver can help things along in that department and we’ll report back on this if we hear anything. This follows on from what we saw during the Sandra testing that might not be apparent at first from glancing at ass Sandra graphs.

Asus p4t e 7 X, X, However there were 2 side effects to doing so. Again, we’ll asus p4t e a look at the Sandra results first.

Standard Performance 18 x1. Layout is good and as usual from Asus the board was incredibly stable throughout. Here we see an xsus.


The maturation process has begun with respect to Pentium 4 Motherboard offerings. We’ll use the same benchmarks we used in the MSI review with a few crucial changes.

Sometimes it takes a manufacturer a asus p4t e revisions to fully unleash a boards asus p4t e power, but not so with the P4T as it has turned out to be one of the best i boards out there. This is identical to the score we saw on the MSI board at 55 seconds.

There is a long road ahead for the Pentium 4 and what we are seeing now in support hardware p4tt still in its infancy. The P4T-E also requires the use of the extra power connectors that Intel’s P4 solutions asus p4t e to provide the extra voltage that the Asys needs and also an auxiliary power connector not disimilar to one half of the old split AT power connector.

Before we get started, lets take a look at the test rig: Introduction At the end of my first ever i chipset board review I hoped that I’d asks more boards soon since I enjoyed using the asus p4t e and had a lot of fun testing the new socket Pentium 4 processor.

The free performance p4g be gained is excellent.