Like Cuba and the vintage cars everywhere that get fixed and fixed. You need to get little yellow transparent wire connectors from Radioshack, strip the cord, cut and strip the wires, then crimp the yellow connectors back on the wire, and bring the cord back into the device. Can anyone understand and order from there? I see the price has also gone up where I bought it in the past week. The swivel function for aiming needed to be perfectly round, was a bit off… and the darn things broke too easy but I LOVED them. It brings a lot more power to the trackman wireless from the driver end. I also wanted to gloat a bit.

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They are showing the size of the ball next to a Sega Dreamcast memory card. I have ttackball at work and another at home. I love my trackball explorer, I never thought twice about it tell today, I microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 one for the wifes new computer, and bam, wtf no one sells it any more??? With the TBE, my thumb naturally moves the scroll wheel.

I acutally exlporer with a Microsoft rep. Mouse not practical in small gen aviation cockpit. I went through 2 and was unable to find anymore at Bestbuy.

My first trackball was a simple two button device I used with my Amiga c. I really liked this unit EXCEPT for the constant cleaning required of the rubber rollers that followed the trackball, rather than the optical readers.


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I can honestly say that I am not all that disappointed either. I also think that microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 should be put back into production again, but that’s a different topic ezplorer He finally ordered a Kensington Expert Mouse and we are awaiting its arrival. I have no idea where my cds are for this trackball anymore, and i cant find anywhere where to download the program which lets you change the mouse its settings, so i hopefully could turn off the mousewheel.

Anyway, the posts are all caught up now! I have to go into the mouse software and manually change the pointer speed after rebooting, otherwise the cursor crawls across the screen. Fortunately, I was still able to find a new one online from an obscure vendor who was selling microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 new at a normal price.

Microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 keep looking on the net.

Three of the four PC was selling can be accounted for based microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 of above replies — 1 to Jon and 2 to Dan. After my disappointment I decided that I would just purchase my own mouse for comfort. Microsoft behaves like a Microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 guarding a grass heap when a cow wants to eat it.

I have a Microsoft Trackball Explorer which is still working well after 4 years, but I ttackball that in time it will fail. Or is it three or four? If only I had forseen… Take care, all. No laptop user wants to have a USB interface.


D Microsoft Trackball Explorer Optical Mouse | eBay

If microsoft will not introduce this model back into the market perhaps as a wireless they SHOULD sell the design royalties to another company. I clean mine about once a year and it works as good as new. I did it though, every single time I microsoft trackball explorer 1.0. For now, he says he is enjoying it a lot, and the huge ball is very comfortable.

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I live a couple hours from Bill. I don’t want another mouse, I want the same one. Microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 was wary with the price tag being as high as it is but I also get it considering they don’t make these anymore and the work that went into it but it was worth it. I wrote this to them. An awesome mouse with a great and comfortable design. If anyone knows where I can still get one or more TBE, please let me know.

Logitech makes one that is close. I should also note, I would use the Stream on a system microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 I used the logitech trackman wireless.

The Microsoft Trackball Explorer is easily the best computer pointing device ever contrived by the mind of expolrer.