See Deinterlacing for information on the deinterlacers. Be very careful before changing this. You may find some devices listed multiple times. The best way to get the right setting is by trying different selections and using the Test button below. This selection also appears if MythWelcome or MythFrontend are unable to communicate with the database.

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This displays a list of all channels on all sources. It is ignored when two shows have been scheduled without enough time in-between.

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You should set this equal to enough space to record 15 minutes with all tuners running at once. It can perform automatic metadata mythnuntu ups on themoviedb. When deciding which rule to use, the rules are scanned from top to bottom and the first one that matches the video is used. The mouse won’t be visible, but you can use the Up and Down keys to move between options and the Left and Right keys to change them. Only change the value from ‘No Region’ if you encounter a disc which fails to play citing a region mismatch.

Show the status of a MythTV backend [ universe ] 0.


The default theme is Terra and that will be active if mythbuntuu do not select anything here. MythVideo has been merged with core MythTV as of. Digital Audio Capabilities This only displays if a Digital output device has been selected.

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Yadif 2x – This deinterlacer uses several fields to reduce motion blur. All criteria specified must match for an entry to be selected. If set, the backend will attempt to perform artwork updates for recordings daily.

Perl library to access some MythTV features mytharchive: If nobody is able to help you on IRC, then please open a bug in trac. When running mythfrontend with root privileges, some threads can be given enhanced priority.

Automatically skip commercial breaks that have been flagged during automatic commercial detection or by the mythcommflag program, or just notify that a commercial has been detected.

Determines the maximum number of days before undeleting a recording will become impossible. It is ignored when two shows have been scheduled without enough time in between. It may not select the best option, so one should always choose entries that will match. This page provides a visible method for adjusting the GUI size and offset. MythTV will discourage long manual commercial skips. Click each button to hear a test sound.


If they are not defined, the images will be downloaded to the Video Storage Group instead. Pressing “4” will toggle channel group. Web browser plugin for MythTV mythgallery: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Each entry myhtbuntu a corresponding explanation. Setting the mixer device to “software” lets MythTV control the volume of all audio at the expense of a slight quality loss.

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The server is known as the back-end and handles scheduling recordings, transcoding, advert flagging and so forth, while the front-end is the user interface. You can select artwork in the Edit Metadata screen. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. This can be run on the same system as the backend or on another machine that has a network connection to the backend remote frontend.

This deinterlacer requires the display to be capable of twice the frame rate as the source video. Ubuntu is a trademark of Canonical Ltd.